Ravello's Pricing is Usage-Based

With Ravello, you pay per application, not per VM.
Pricing includes the underlying cloud and is based on three factors:

1.Total Application Size

Enter the total resources of your application
(VM1 + VM2 + ... +VMn)

2. Complexity
3. Optimization criteria
Total compute price of your application:
Amount represents compute costs and includes the underlying cloud. There will be additional charges for storage and networking.

How it works

With Ravello, you pay per application not per VM. Pricing is based on three factors – your application‘s size, complexity and optimization criteria 

  1. 1. Size of your application

    Compute: The total resources required by your multi-VM application are divided into the optimal number of Ravello compute blocks, namely R1 (2 vCPU, 4GB RAM) and R2 (2vCPU, 8GB RAM) to calculate the total price.
    Storage & Network: VM volume storage and library costs are associated with each application. Networking costs are based on usage. There is an additional charge per public IP address. 

  2. 2. Complexity of your application

    To support varying complexities of your applications, Ravello offers an Advanced Tier with the ability to upload your own VMware/KVM VMs and an Enterprise Tier with advanced networking.

  3. 3. Optimization criteria for your application

    Cost optimized – Auto-selection of the best-fit public cloud from the supported list (Amazon AWS, HP Cloud or Rackspace), meeting your application requirements at the lowest possible cost.
    Performance optimized – Deployed on a specific public cloud of your choice and optimized for performance.

Pricing example with multi-tiered application


Advanced Enterprise
  • R1
    2 vCPUs 4GB RAM
  • $n/a/hr
  • $n/a/hr
  • R2
    2 vCPUs 8GB RAM
  • $n/a/hr
  • $n/a/hr
  • Minimum application price
  • $n/a/hr
  • $n/a/hr
Choose optimization criteria:
Cost optimized
Performance optimized
  • Private application network
  • Application blueprints
  • Unlimited org users/sharing
  • Chef integration
  • Upload VMware/KVM VMs


Free Trial!
  • Private application network
  • Application blueprints
  • Unlimited org users/sharing
  • Chef integration
  • Upload VMware/KVM VMs
  • Multiple private IPs per VM
  • Multiple subnets
  • L2 Networking appliances


Free Trial!

14 day free trial. No credit card or cloud credentials required.   

Additional Elements

In addition to compute, other elements such as VM storage, library storage, networking and additional IP addresses are priced separately.

  • VM Volumes

    $n/a / GB /month

    This is the price for all VM disk space calculated per hour and billed at 2.1 times the amount of storage required for snapshots, blueprints and other advanced functionality.

  • Library Storage

    $n/a / GB / month

    This is the price for storing all library VMs, blueprints and stopped VMs. We use delta encoding technology, compression and other techniques to minimize the library cost.

  • Support

    Ravello offers Bronze (free/web support), Silver and Gold levels of support. Contact us to learn about support pricing.

  • Networking

    $n/a / GB

    This is the data transfer cost for outbound traffic. Billing is based on usage.

  • VM IP Addresses

    $n/a / IP / hour

    This is the price per public IP address per hour. You can have as many public IP address as needed. The pricing is the same for elastic and non-elastic IP addresses, however billing for elastic IP addresses is based on the entire period that the IP is allocated to the customer. For non-elastic IP addresses billing is based on usage (when VMs are actually running).

  • Professional Services

    Ravello has deep expertise in enterprise applications. Contact us to learn about Ravello's POC and Jumpstart service offerings.


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