1. A.

    Supercharge your application development process

    Available resources for development and testing are limited. The cloud is not really an option because it's a completely different environment. Ravello allows you to instantly replicate your production application in any cloud. Now each developer and test engineer can have their own multi-VM instance of the application, CI can be performed on replicas of production – all in parallel. Once done, the application can be brought back on premises or deployed in the cloud. Read more

  2. B.

    Test multi-tier applications

    Simply upload your existing virtual machines, “draw” your application and create a blueprint. Now each of your test engineers can get as many copies of the multi-VM application as they need - exactly as it is in production - but running in the cloud. Read more

  3. C.

    Rapid prototyping

    You have a great idea for a new application or a set of features but you lack resources to prototype that internally. Select from our fully customizable multi-VM blueprints or drag/drop virtual machines and build your own. Rapidly develop your prototype using the unlimited resources of the public cloud. Once done, bring your app back on premises or deploy in the cloud. Read more

  4. D.

    Save costs on cloud development and test

    Because the cloud is expensive, you have set up a development environment locally/internally, and have your staging and production running in the cloud. The differences in the environments cause all sorts of problems because issues are found late in the development cycle. With Ravello, simply import your AMIs and create replicas of your production environment for development, test, CI etc. You can also leverage our virtual machine consolidation technology to save substantially on your cloud bill. Read more