About Ravello Systems

On March 11, 2016, Oracle completed the acquisition of Ravello Systems.

Ravello will join the Oracle Public Cloud (OPC) organization and our products will become part of Oracle Cloud. We believe this agreement will accelerate our ability to reach more customers, deliver more value, and enhance our technology at an accelerated pace in order to better serve you.

Our top priority is ensuring an uninterrupted service and seamless experience for you and all of our customers and partners. Rest assured, Ravello’s service will continue “as is.” In the coming months, we will be working to continue enhancing our value to you and we are looking forward to developing new products and services enabled by this combination.

Oracle Cloud offers best-in-class services across a full suite of products in software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Ravello will join in Oracle’s IaaS mission to allow customers to run any type of workload in the cloud, accelerating Oracle’s ability to help customers quickly and simply move complex applications to the cloud without costly and time-consuming application rewrites.

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Meet the team

  • Benny Schnaider
    Co Founder
  • Rami Tamir
    Co Founder
  • Tal Zimon Grosman
    Tal Zimon Grosman
    Facilities Manager
  • Leonid Shatz
    Software Engineer
  • Gil Hoffer
    VP R&D
  • Chen Nisnkorn
    Director Customer Success Engineering
  • Dana Rubin
    Software Engineer
  • Hadar Davidovich
    Director Software Engineering
  • Eddie Pitchon
    Director support
  • Udi Razmovich
    Business Operation System Engineer
  • Amit Abir
    Manager, Software Engineering
  • Gal Moav
    Gal Moav
    VP Product Management
  • Eynav Dagan
    Manager, Software Engineering
  • Navin R. Thadani
    SVP Products and Marketing
  • Yaron Peri
    Yaron Peri
    Software Engineer
  • Ben Bracha
    Manager Software Engineering
  • Gilad Pessach
    VP Operations
  • Dudu Goldberger
    Manager QA&Support
  • Tomer Mevorach
    Tech Lead
  • Yanai Sened
    Software Engineer
  • Yotam Sela
    Software Engineer
  • Herzel Mishel
    QA&Support Engineer
  • Adi Dembak
    Adi Dembak
    QA&Support Engineer
  • Hadas Birin
    VP Customer Success Engineering
  • Shruti Bhat
    Shruti Bhat
    Director Product Marketing
  • Anatoly Zozlinsky
    Software Engineer
  • Yaniv Wainer
    Yaniv Wainer
    Web Developer
  • Tamir Zur
    Tamir Zur
    Software Engineer
  • Liora Schocken
    Liora Schocken
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Stouffer Egan
    VP WW Sales
  • Idan Brown
    Idan Brown
    Manager Software Engineering
  • Elad Tabak
    Software Engineer
  • Elaye Karstadt
    Elaye Karstadt
    Software Engineer
  • Eugene Shih
    Eugene Shih
    System Engineer
  • Umesh Kumar
    Umesh Kumar
    System Engineer
  • Itsik Musseri
    Itsik Musseri
    Director Product Management
  • Maya Ram
    Maya Ram
    Office Manager US
  • Jonathann Zenou
    Jonathann Zenou
    DevOps Engineer
  • Elazar Leibovich
    Software Engineer
  • Abhinav Gupta
    Abhinav Gupta
    Director Product Marketing
  • Ankita Jain Rosensweig
    Ankita Jain Rosensweig
    System Engineer
  • Alina Hazan
    Alina Hazan
    Operations Engineer
  • Linh Phi
    Linh Phi
    Support Engineer
  • Anna Kukliansky
    Anna Kukliansky
    Software Engineer
  • Shmulik Ladkani
    Tech Lead
  • Noam Antebi
    Noam Antebi
    Software Engineer
  • Tal Varkel
    Tal Varkel
    Support Engineer
  • Roni Boteach
    Roni Boteach
    VP HR
  • Dafna Rosenblum - Software Engineer
    Dafna Rosenblum
    Software Engineer
  • Liran Alon
    Tech Lead
  • Mendel Aizner
    Mendel Aizner
    Manager Software Engineering
  • Sharon Schnitman
    Sharon Schnitman
    Success Engineer
  • Keren Nistor
    Keren Nistor
    Administrative Assistant
  • Eyal Moscovici
    Software Engineer
  • Bella Dosovitsky
    Bella Dosovitsky
    Sales Ops
  • Nufar Levy
    Nufar Levy
    SaaS Tier 1
  • Carine-Belle Feder
    SaaS Tier 1
  • Justin LaMora
    Justin LaMora
    Sales Engineer
  • Michael Prestin
    Michael Prestin
    Solution Architect
  • Ankit Agrawal
    System Engineer
  • Yinon Sharifi
    Yinon Sharifi
    Manager, Software Engineering
  • Omri Litvak
    Omri Litvak
    Software Engineer
  • Boris Chuyko
    Boris Chuyko
    QA & Support Engineer
  • Moshe Shalom
    Software Engineer
  • Michael Koren
    Michael Koren
    Software Engineer
  • Amir Tito
    Amir Tito
    Senior Security Manager
  • Bat El Nehmani
    Bat El Nehmani
    Software Engineer
  • Nikolay Shprises
    Ops Engineer