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Posts by Abhinav Gupta

8 ways how networking in AWS VPC differs from data-center

Advanced Enterprise Networking In AWS EC2 - A Hands On Guide

Public cloud is great. It brings to table agility, on-demand capacity, unlimited resources, global reach and most importantly ability to align costs with operational needs. More and more organizations are embracing cloud to augment their datacenter capacity or to move their existing workloads off their datacenters. As datacenter and network architects embark on this journey, they need to be aware that there are some inherent differences in the way networking works in an Amazon VPC when compared to datacenters – so that they can plan ahead.

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Five most popular penetration testing tools

Ethical hackers are embracing public cloud for penetration testing. Using Ravello on AWS and Google cloud, enterprises are creating high-fidelity replicas of their production environments – and using it for penetration testing to find and fix vulnerabilities in their network, web and applications before a hacker does. This article looks at five most popular tools used by ethical hackers for penetration testing –

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Five benefits of penetration testing on AWS using Ravello

Enterprises are looking to secure their network, web and applications against vulnerabilities – they are hiring ethical hackers to penetrate their infrastructure to discover holes. Public cloud (e.g. AWS or Google) is an excellent candidate to build pentesting environments to scale, but lacks some key functionality. Ravello’s Security Smart Lab on AWS and Google overcome these drawbacks, and enable creation of high fidelity production environment replicas that can be used for effective penetration testing.

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SimSpace hosts its CyberVision event on Ravello

We are excited to share that Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security will be hosting Boston’s first-ever CyberVision live-adversary cybersecurity workshop with live cyber ranges built by SimSpace running on AWS & Google using Ravello’s nested virtualization and networking overlay…

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Public cloud – a new playground for cyber security ninjas?

This blog describes how enterprises can use public clouds like AWS and Google Cloud for cyber security training and readiness. Check out the webcast below.

With multiple security breaches reported over the last couple of years (Target, Home Depot, Sony Pictures to name a few), enterprises today are scrambling to ‘beef-up’ their cyber security. They are investing to get the best-of-breed intrusion prevention & breach detection tools and securing their network through next generation firewall technologies & endpoint security solutions. Many are turning to innovative technologies such as big data analytics, cloud-enabled cybersecurity and advanced authentication to reduce cyber-risks to their environment.

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Data-center like networking on AWS & Google Cloud

Ravello’s software defined networking overlay enables some really cool functionality that allows network and security enthusiasts, ISVs, enterprises to build full featured labs with Layer 2 access on AWS & Google Cloud – capabilities otherwise unsupported on public cloud (due to heavy filtering of broadcast & multicast packets). This gives one access to the rich data-center-type-networking at the flexibility, geographical reach, scale and cost economics of the public cloud.

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Splunk demo, PoC, training environments with L2 networking on Google & AWS

Splunk is a SIEM market leader with an active ecosystem of resellers, application developers, partners, customers – all of which need a Splunk lab for sales demos, customer PoCs, training and development testing. Ravello’s Network & Security SmartLab presents an option to set up Splunk labs on public cloud – Google & AWS at costs starting $0.14/hour.

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