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VMware ESXi on AWS or Google Cloud – Public Beta

We at Ravello are proud to announce the public beta of VMware ESXi™ Smart Labs on AWS and Google cloud. With this latest service enhancement from Ravello, the VMware ecosystem can run VMware ESXi lab environments in any AWS or Google cloud region around the world. Users can also blueprint (snapshot) entire nested ESXi clusters with networking and storage and spin up as many identical, isolated copies of the environment as they need in ~ 5 minutes.

We recently held a webinar discussing how to build ESXi labs on AWS/ Google Cloud. Enjoy the webcast and slides…



This service is intended for the VMware ecosystem – Technology Alliance Partners, Resellers and Solutions Providers, Training providers and enterprise customers – to create development, test, continuous integration, training, demos and PoC lab environments.

Dev, test & CISales demosTrainingPoCs/ evalsDeployment testing
Technology Alliance PartnersXXXX
Resellers/ Solutions ProvidersXXX
Training providersX
Enterprise customersXXX


Pricing starts at $0.14/hr for 2 CPU/4GB RAM chunks. See here for more detail

How to get started

In order to participate in the public beta, you can sign up for a 14-day Ravello free trial. After activating your account, follow these steps to setup your ESXi environment:

  1. How to install ESXi on AWS or Google cloud
  2. How to set up a VMware vCenter™ appliance on AWS or Google cloud
  3. How to create an ESXi/ VMware vSphere™ cluster on AWS or Google cloud

Please reach out to us if you need any help –

Current limitations

  • Versions supported: ESXi 5.5 and ESXi 6.0
  • Maximum number of CPUs per ESXi host: 4 CPUs
  • Maximum memory per ESXi host: 32GB
  • Maximum number of guest VMs per ESXi host: 4
  • Maximum vCPU per guest VM: 2 vCPUs
  • Maximum memory per guest VM: 8GB RAM
  • Maximum number of ESXi hosts in an environment: 250

We will be expanding these limits as we move from public beta to general availability.

Release notes

  • Do not run more than an aggregate of 4 vCPUs on top of each ESXi host. For example, 2 guest VMs with 2 vCPUs each, or 4 guest VMs with 1 vCPU each.
  • 64-bit guest operating systems only on top of ESXi. 32-bit support is not stable yet.
  • Use port forwarding instead of public IPs if you are deploying the ESXi cluster to a non-US AWS or Google cloud region.

Learn more about ESXi Smart Labs on AWS and Google Cloud or join the ESXi beta to start your ESXi lab.

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About Ravello Systems

Ravello is the industry’s leading nested virtualization and software-defined networking SaaS. It enables enterprises to create cloud-based development, test, UAT, integration and staging environments by automatically cloning their VMware-based applications in AWS. Ravello is built by the same team that developed the KVM hypervisor in Linux.

Check our product demo video

VMware ESXi on AWS or Google Cloud – Public Beta