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How to integrate Brocade SDN Controller with OpenStack on AWS & Google

Brocade’s SDN Controller and OpenDaylight controller are excellent options for companies that are looking to bring virtual network services on OpenStack. In the past year, Brocade has made significant investments to improve the integration between OpenDaylight and Openstack  – including more complete interface to Neutron and OVS-DB and touching on policy, topology, provisioning, additional south-bound plugins.

Brocade's SDN Controller with OpensStack
Brocade’s SDN Controller with OpensStack

Ravello with its nested virtualization and networking overlay serves as an excellent platform for modeling, building and testing Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and SDN topologies – such as orchestration of network services using OpenDaylight on OpenStack Neutron – before production roll-outs. Network ISVs and enterprises alike can use Ravello to jump-start their NFV PoCs and deployments by accessing data-center networking on AWS & Google cloud without having to wait for hardware resources, and incurring CapEx.

Alec Rooney from Elbrys Networks has written a detailed article on how to setup a fully-functional Brocade SDN / OpenDaylight Controller integrated with OpenStack on Ravello and he has a video to walk you through the steps.

Interested in setting up your very own OpenDaylight OpenStack integration? Just open a Ravello account and follow the instructions.

About Ravello Systems

Ravello is the industry’s leading nested virtualization and software-defined networking SaaS. It enables enterprises to create cloud-based development, test, UAT, integration and staging environments by automatically cloning their VMware-based applications in AWS. Ravello is built by the same team that developed the KVM hypervisor in Linux.

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How to integrate Brocade SDN Controller with OpenStack on AWS & Google