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The IT productivity challenge

Cloud Application Hypervisor

In the first two years of my career I designed three ASICs. Two on my own (including spec, architecture, design, verification and documentation) and one with a colleague. All three designs worked the first time. Back then I was extremely proud of this implementation speed.

The one “little secret” I did not tell you yet is that these three chips had a total of 50,000 equivalent gates combined. Today’s chip designers can accomplish such designs “before lunch”. In fact today’s designs are about 1,000x to 10,000x more complicated than my very first design about 25 years ago. Today’s chip designers have become so efficient thanks to better methodologies, tools, discipline and abstraction layers. With them they can easily reuse, duplicate, synthesize and debug their designs.

The same cannot be said for IT management. Although virtualization made significant enhancements in the past decade, by and large we still manage IT in much the same way we did 30 years ago. So there is a lot more to do, and perhaps it becomes even worse now that virtual machines are so easy to create, provision and abuse…

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How Ravello uses Ravello to make dev/test in the cloud NOT suck! – part 1

Here at ravello we’re no different than any other startup which develops new and innovative software – we need to develop fast, adjust our plans as we go along, react to user feedback and be able to roll out versions as fast as possible. In other words – we need to be AGILE.

But our product is fairly complicated – it’s not your average web application – we’re talking a large distributed system, with a specialized hypervisor which runs on multiple cloud providers.

In this post we will describe some aspects of our test and dev mechanisms, which enable us to stay agile, and thus move faster.

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Why development and testing in the cloud sucks!

Ravello Systems - Develop and test in the cloud

In this post, we are going to dig in and illustrate why its nearly impossible (in most cases) to take an existing application running in a virtualized data center and move that to the cloud as-is (without any changes whatsoever). Every step of this migration to the cloud requires you to make decisions that further distance the cloud deployment from the original data center deployment – thereby leading to a high probability of the project failing.

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Ravello: The industry’s first Universal Cloud Application Platform

Ravello Systems - Develop and test in the cloud

Today, we’re pleased to publicly announce the Ravello beta. Ravello is the industry’s first universal Cloud Application Platform and it features a new concept – a cloud application hypervisor, HVX. It allows developers to use the cloud more effectively and efficiently, solving some of the biggest challenges of moving existing applications from the data center to the cloud as well as developing and deploying new applications in the cloud.

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