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Providing Over-the-top Value Services for Enterprise Applications that Accelerate IT Agility

Most cloud providers have their own datacenters and own IT infrastructure. Ravello systems does not have its own infrastructure. Instead, Ravello’s platform runs on top of the existing cloud providers’ infrastructure, in much the same way that today’s Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) are able to take advantage of the infrastructure provided by the established telecommunications industries.

“What’s MVNO? A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a wireless communication service provider that does not own the wire\less network infrastructure to which the MVNO provides services.” –Wikipedia

Added value services

The IT world is moving toward a complete delineation between the application stack and the underlying cloud infrastructure (whether it is public or private). We believe that enterprise developers should be able to write their next generation application independently of the underlying infrastructure. Using Ravello, enterprises can perform very powerful operations on their applications regardless of the cloud the application is actually running on. For example, enterprises can replicate applications, take the state of an application, start or stop an application from a known state, and even compress and expand the application over more or less infrastructure components to optimize costs and/or performance for their IT operations. All these operations can be executed in minutes allowing a truly agile enterprise IT.

Multiple cloud support

Ravello enables the deployment of applications over-the-top of multiple clouds with uniformity across the different environments. For example, if, for regulatory or high-availability considerations, you need to run several clouds, you can use Ravello to implement your solution. Ravello can interface with multiple clouds, and enable seamless roaming among various clouds.

HVX – A High Performance Nested Hypervisor

HVX is Ravello Systems’ unique proprietary virtualization technology that enables the creation of multiple heterogeneous cloud environments. Our customers don’t need to modify their applications. This is achieved by our HVX technology, which emulates the original environment and applies it on the target cloud. Thus enterprises can benefit from Ravello’s powerful services while running their applications “as-is”.

Independent applications and the cloud

Independent applications and the cloud

We believe that the concept of “the independent application” is a powerful one. Most IaaS providers today focus on hardware infrastructure, allowing them to implement a fairly simply and cost effective business model. A move to address the application layer might complicate their operations and require adaptation of an entirely different business models. In our opinion, this is not recommended and is not likely to happen anytime in the near future.

The Ravello vision is that applications should continue to be developed independently of the infrastructure where they will be run. The enterprise should be able to make their cloud mapping decision at deployment time taking into consideration cost and/or performance of the underlying cloud resources. By enabling uniform deployment of the same application on multiple cloud platforms with the ability to expand or compress applications as needed, Ravello’s over-the-top application services provide greater flexibility in keeping with changing IT and agility requirements of the enterprise.

About Ravello Systems

Ravello is the industry’s leading nested virtualization and software-defined networking SaaS. It enables enterprises to create cloud-based development, test, UAT, integration and staging environments by automatically cloning their VMware-based applications in AWS. Ravello is built by the same team that developed the KVM hypervisor in Linux.

Cloud Hypervisor

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Providing Over-the-top Value Services for Enterprise Applications that Accelerate IT Agility
Benny Schnaider

By Benny Schnaider

Benny Schnaider co-founded Ravello Systems in 2011 and serves as its President and Chairman of the board. Earlier, Benny was CEO and a Co-Founder of Qumranet, which developed developed KVM and SolidICE. Qumranet was acquired by Red Hat in 2008. Benny was the CEO and Founder of PentaCom Ltd., a provider of networking products implementing Spatial Reuse Protocol (SRP) for IP based metropolitan networks which was acquired by Cisco in 2000. Benny also held senior management, engineering and strategic roles at many Silicon-Valley based companies including Cisco Systems, Amdahl/Fujitsu, Hitachi, IDT, Sun Microsystems and 3Com. Benny also co-founded and served on the Board of Directors for P-Cube, a developer of IP service control platforms, which was acquired by Cisco in 2004. Benny also investes and servers as a board member in several startups. Some examples are: Traffix Systems (acquired by F5 in 2012) and B-Hive (acquired by VMware in 2008), Cloudius and Colabo.
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