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VMware Lab Environments

Understanding vCloud Air pricing: How virtual private cloud on-demand compares to AWS

VMware vCloud Air

One of the biggest and clearest advantages public cloud computing has over traditional data centers is the cost – with the cloud pricing model Capex becomes Opex, and with a quick use of all the provided calculators – you know exactly what you’re going to pay. No negotiation, “Plug and play”. With it’s own vCloud Air pricing calculator – does VMware-gone-on-demand also fit the description?

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The Smarter Way to Use the Cloud: Run VMware-based applications with complex networking on AWS or Google Cloud unmodified on-demand

Testing in the cloud

ISVs and enterprises know the benefits of using the public cloud. If creating an exact copy of their data center application (a VMware or KVM-based multi-VM application with complex networking) and deploying it in AWS or Google Cloud wasn’t the immense challenge that it is, the upside would be huge. Ravello enables these organizations do just that – without conversions or cloud migrations, Ravello’s HVX encapsulates applications complete with complex networking. Powered by nested virtualization and software defined networking, these workloads can run unmodified in the public cloud.

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Building Continuous Integration for Testing and Validation on Openstack Using AWS

Openstack on AWS Cloud

If you are a software ISV who has to port your products to run on Openstack, then you are probably living through the challenges of not having enough Openstack test environments for your development and testing team members. Openstack multi-node deployment is not very easy and now imagine having to do this deployment multiple times and maintain environments for your product development efforts. There is also the issue of not having enough hardware for Openstack test environments.

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The curious case of cloud-based development and testing for VMware environments – a 75% cost reduction

Reduce Costs

Most enterprises have teams of developers and test engineers working on building new applications and adding features to existing applications that run in the enterprise data center or a dedicated colocation facility (usually on virtualized infrastructure like VMware). In order for these teams to work on their projects, they need several pre-production environments (development and test environments). This post outlines how enterprises can save anywhere from 30%-75% (see table 1) on the cost of these development and test environments by using Ravello to run their existing VMware based applications in AWS or Google (without modifications to the VMs) compared to hosting it in a dedicated colocation facility.

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Ravello Enables Rapid Deployment of Multi-Tier VMware Applications on AWS, Wins Best of VMworld Award

Best of VMworld Award - Judges' Choice

Ravello Systems won the “Best of VMworld 2014” Judges Choice award for its ability to run VMware workloads on AWS or Google cloud, along with the automation required for rapid deployment of multi-VM applications. We are thankful for all the appreciation and deeply grateful for the technical love. Since we don’t require any cloud migrations or VM conversions to run VMware VMs on AWS (thanks to our nested virtualization technology), we had some fun giving away t-shirts saying “Migration is for the birds, my VMs are nested”, at the event. Here are just a few of the tweets that made our day – a warm shoutout to all our tweeps!

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Creating your SharePoint dev/test and upgrade testing environments on AWS

Microsoft SharePoint

Cloud computing is gaining in popularity to meet the scalable workloads of organizations. With the greater adaptability of DevOps, many enterprises are selecting cloud as the preferred option for their bursty workloads including development, QA/test, upgrade testing, UAT (User Acceptance Testing), and training environments.

At the same time organizations are facing increased need for collaboration in creating, managing and sharing documents as well in developing and testing web services. Microsoft SharePoint is a popular solution for such collaboration. But the complexity and size of an organization’s SharePoint setup and network topology can present an obstacle to smooth deployment of SharePoint on the cloud.

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Import Existing VM/VM Template on Ravello Service – Part 2

You are having your own data center running with VMWare and you want to move to Cloud, how do you manage this? Generally, we believe that it will be easy to import any VM to cloud if you have its exported image, but this is only true when you are using Ravello.

As you saw in the first article of this series, a virtual machine image is basically a set of files describing the machine volumes and metadata. Virtual machines can be in a variety of file formats, some common and well documented others less so. We also saw that how can you export an image from VMware using the OVF tool and VMWare vCenter Converter tool.

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Import Existing VM/VM Template on Ravello Service – Part 1

A virtual machine image is basically a set of files describing the machine volumes and metadata. Virtual machines can be in a variety of file formats, some common and well documented others less so.

Ravello enables you to run your existing VMware or KVM workloads completely unmodified in any public cloud by uploading image from data centre to Ravello. This is an important use case for dev & test. Complex networking including static IPs, multiple subnets and VLANs stays the same. No conversions or cloud migrations are required, thus ensuring your cloud-based dev & test environments are replicas of your on-premises production. UPDATE: On 11/11/2014 Ravello announced “Direct Upload” which lets you upload and run virtual machines from VMware vCenter™ to AWS or Google without any conversions or migrations. 

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How to attach CD-ROM and install ISO for AWS EC2 instances (AMI)

CD-ROM on Amazon EC2

This post describes how you can upload your existing custom ISO files and launch your virtual machines on AWS or Google Cloud from it by attaching a CD-ROM device. Ravello provides a powerful platform that lets you run a multi-VM application from existing VMware or KVM environments on top of AWS or Google cloud without modifying the VMs or networking. Providing console access, CD-ROM & ISO support, are part of Ravello’s vision to make AWS EC2 look & feel more like your VMware ESXi environment.

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