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Ravello Meets vExperts at VMworld

VMware is continuing its momentum and we are seeing lots of VMware labs in the form of VSAN labs, NSX labs, vRealize labs and more on Ravello. We are excited to be part of the virtualization ecosystem and we were back at VMworld this year. This VMworld was extra special though. Here are 3 things that made VMworld 2015 awesome for us:

  1. Winning Best of Show at VMworld 2015 – Thanks to all the support and love from our users, we won the coveted Best of Show award across all products in all categories for our new release InceptionSX – which runs nested ESXi on AWS/Google Cloud.

    Ravello wins VMworld 2015 Best of Show Award

  2. Being the first ever platform for cross-cloud vMotion – I really enjoyed Raghu’s keynote and vision of a unified hybrid cloud. My favorite part was the demo of the live vMotion from a VMware data center to vCloud Air. Particularly because Mike Preston had blogged about how he did a vMotion from AWS to Google Cloud using Ravello, and folks in the audience were kind enough to recognize Mike’s effort as the first ever cross-cloud vMotion in history.

    Scott Lowe Tweets about MW Preston, Ravello and vMotion

  3. Meeting vExperts and talking labs and insights on Ravello – Last but certainly a personal favorite was catching up with a lot of the vExperts who came by our booth and shared what VMware labs they are running on Ravello. Very grateful for all the insights – and excited to share it in the form of a small video collage below. Big thanks to VMware vExperts Chris Hildebrandt, Rick Schlander, James Brown, Tim Smith and Mike Preston for sharing their labs and ideas.

And in case you are curious and want to try Ravello for yourself, here is a link to a free trial with 2880 CPU hours for free.

About Ravello Systems

Ravello is the industry’s leading nested virtualization and software-defined networking SaaS. It enables enterprises to create cloud-based development, test, UAT, integration and staging environments by automatically cloning their VMware-based applications in AWS. Ravello is built by the same team that developed the KVM hypervisor in Linux.

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Ravello Meets vExperts at VMworld
Shruti Bhat

By Shruti Bhat

Shruti Bhat is the VP of Marketing at Ravello Systems. Prior to Ravello, Shruti was a virtualization junkie at VMware, where she managed the software-defined storage product line. She combines her MBA at UCLA Anderson with a bachelor’s in computer science engineering and has previously led R&D teams at IBM and HP as well as immersed herself in start-ups.
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