Ravello Free Lab Service for North American Current RHCEs

Enabling all North American current RHCEs with 1,000 free CPU hours per month to run Red Hat infrastructure labs (e.g. OpenStack, KVM, RHEV, Satellite etc.) in Oracle Public Cloud, AWS or Google cloud
Nested virtualization opens up new architecture possibilities. By providing Red Hat Certified Professionals access to its innovative services, Ravello Systems is putting its solutions in the hands of professionals uniquely qualified to make the most of them.
Randy Russell, director of certification, Red Hat
Ravello Systems has given me the tools I need to test new software and methods, keeping me ahead of the ever changing world of Linux and cloud technologies.
Michael Clarkson (RHCA level II, Tech Evangelist, and Red Hat Instructor)

Giving RHCEs the perfect lab environment to expand their Red Hat knowledge

You’ve earned the RHCE through training, hands on work, and perseverance. We would like to reward your efforts with a place to expand that learning. In order to do so, this free lab service for personal use, will provide you with additional resources, flexibility and agility. Our goal is to enable you with labs to test new products and features. In the true spirit of open source software, we also offer you a space to collaborate on and share complex designs, architectures and best practices through which we hope that the entire Red Hat certified professional community can benefit.

As part of this environment, you will have access to Ravello Repo, a rich repository of complex designs(blueprints) to jumpstart your learning on new technologies and an opportunity to share and showcase designs that you build.

Repo: blueprints by the community

A repository to create and share blueprints. From these blueprints users can create full blown complex environments including networking and storage.

Inviting all current RHCEs: Activate your free lab service

Sign up below and you will immediately get a standard two-week Ravello free trial. Once we verify your current RHCE status we will transition you into the free lab service for RHCE. You do not need a credit card, or any Oracle Public Cloud, AWS or Google Cloud credentials.

Learn & Share

Once you have your Ravello account, you can access Ravello Repo where you will find several useful blueprints - e.g. multi-node OpenStack, RHEV, Satellite, RHEL 6 to RHEL 7 migration testing etc. You can add them to your library, spin up live environments, customize them, and practice and learn new technologies and methodologies. If you prefer, you can also build them from scratch. If you have any questions, post them in our community forum, where experts from within Ravello and from the broader community will answer your questions and join the discussion

Sharing is caring. If you have expertise in specific areas, feel free to share your blueprints with the community on Repo. Other Red Hat certified professionals will be able to access it and learn from your expertise. Here we hope to promote the free sharing of information which drives the open source community.

NOTE: While we encourage sharing, sharing exam content or any content that might compromise the integrity of any Red Hat exam is strictly forbidden. Forums and the blueprint repository will be monitored for such activity and the Red Hat Certification team will be notified of potential violations of terms.

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