Ravello Free Lab Service for 2018 vExperts

Enabling all current vExperts with 1,000 free CPU hours per month to run VMware ESXi labs or VMware workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS or Google Cloud
Great nested environment which can be used for testing workflows, updates in case you don’t have spare lab hardware for testing. With no upfront costs it looks like quick setup and spin environments
Vladan Seget
With Nested ESXi support on Ravello it is possible for my AutoLab to run on public cloud. Rather than buying a beefy physical machine to run your vSphere study lab you can rent the capacity from Ravello and just run the lab when you need it.
Alastair Cooke
It’s something really interesting and could be powerful for build your lab. I hope also that the community can grow around this to improve the public images and public blueprints...(the visual designer is really useful) to share more experience.
Andrea Mauro

Empowering vExperts with free ESXi Smart Labs

As a vExpert, you are at the forefront of new technology, and through your expertise and domain knowledge, you guide the entire VMware community towards the next frontier. In order to do so, this free lab service for personal use, will provide you with additional resources, flexibility and agility. Our goal is to enable you with labs to test new products and features, and collaborate on and share complex designs, architectures and best practices - through which we hope that the entire VMware community can benefit.

VMware ESXi Smart Labs powered by nested virtualization

Ravello’s HVX nested virtualization technology enables the VMware ecosystem to run custom VMware ESXi labs ­with hardware acceleration in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS or Google.

Inviting all 2018 vExperts: Activate your free lab service

Once you sign up below, you will immediately get a standard two-week Ravello free trial. Next we will verify your current vExpert status and transition you into the free lab service for vExperts. You do not need a credit card, or any Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS or Google Cloud credentials.

Learn & Share

Once you have your Ravello account, you can access Ravello Repo where you will find several useful blueprints - e.g. multi-node OpenStack, Autolab for vSphere 6.0 etc. You can add them to your library, spin up live environments, customize them, and practice and learn new technologies and methodologies. And you can share your own blueprints back with the community. If you prefer, you can also build them from scratch using the how-to guides below:

Step 1: How to install ESXi on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS or Google Cloud

Step 2: How to set up a vCenter™ appliance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure , AWS or Google Cloud

Step 3: How to create an ESXi/vSphere™ cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure , AWS or Google Cloud

If you get stuck or need some help, please post a question or comment in our community forum

Community blog roll

Ravello is thankful to the vExperts and VMware community leaders who have shared their feedback and experiences and also created some really interesting blueprints. Here’s a selection of blogs from your fellow vExperts.

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