Ravello Free Lab Service Description

Ravello’s free lab service for vExperts gives all 2015-18 vExperts access to labs for the whole year with up to 1,000 CPU hours of cloud capacity for free each month. This is an estimated value of over $2,500 per year, per vExpert. It is intended for personal and home lab usage only so that vExperts can learn and share with the virtualization community*. The offering includes free access to Ravello’s nested virtualization and software-defined networking technology with cloud capacity on Oracle Public Cloud, AWS or Google Cloud included. The free CPU hours will be topped up each month in a “use it or lose it” model hence we encourage you to make full use of your 1,000 CPU hours each month. When you exceed the 1,000 hours in the month your VMs will be auto-stopped.

* Ravello reserves the right to cancel an account that is misusing or abusing the service in any way.