Images Library
Ubuntu Server 14.04.1
Vanilla image of Ubuntu Server 14.04.1

This is a vanilla image of Ubuntu Server 14.04.1, ready to be used as a basis for cloud applications.

Supplied Services

Note that all configured VM ports (supplied services) are accessible from within the application network.
External services (for example, the SSH port) can also be reached from outside the application network. (External services are marked as External in Ravello) You can change these settings from the Ravello system.

Security note: It is strongly advised to restrict access to external services, so they can be reached only from where they are really needed. This can be done using the IP Filtering capabilities of Ravello.

Disclaimer: This image is presented to you by Ravello as a starting point for your development process. It was not created and designed to be used as is on production systems. Please note that Ravello will not provide any support for the software installed and deployed on this image.