Development environments

Ravello Smart Lab provides developers with unlimited capacity

By encapsulating multi-tier environments that include VMs, networking and storage in self-contained cloud capsules, Ravello gives developers unlimited capacity to run unmodified applications on public clouds such as leading clouds for purposes such as:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Integration and system testing
  • Sharing blueprint and bug status reports for team collaboration
  • Building and maintaining libraries of development and test environments

The complexity of infrastructure provisioning

To meet aggressive release schedules for new products, developers require fast access to capacity in the form of precise and isolated environments that are representative of the actual production environments.

Automating the provisioning of the application components of such environments with scripts and configuration tools is a standard process. Automating the provisioning of infrastructural components such as load balancers, switches, routers, storage and firewalls, however, is far more complex and time-consuming.

Additionally, application environments such as .Net and Java are distributed systems with multiple machines, databases, networking topologies and storage configurations. When every developer needs multi-tier development environments, an enterprise quickly runs out of data center capacity.

Access to development environments through self-service

Through rapid self-service triggered by the click of a button or a single API call, developers equipped with Ravello create replicas of the production environments - completely unmodified. Isolated representative development environments created in Ravello on leading clouds are identical to the environments running in the VMware-based data center and are immediately usable for:

  • Snapshotting for iterative development
  • Communication of error states
  • Simulation of multiple production environment scenarios

By pre-solving frustrating technical problems such as clashing static IP addresses, Ravello gives the developer freedom to modify an application blueprint on a self-service basis by adding or removing VMs, databases, storage configurations, firewalls, etc., and then testing an unlimited range of production environment scenarios.

Eliminate wait-time for development environments

By running data center applications unmodified on public clouds, Ravello frees developers from dependence on IT for the provisioning of environments, eliminating a great deal of waiting time.

Avoid massive capital expenditures

Enabling developers to spin up their own isolated copies of production environments with no cloud migration overhead allows organizations to avoid the financially risky strategy of building out complete lab environments for peak anticipated loads on premise.

Development environments: Develop, better software faster

Development Smart Lab capabilities and benefits
Development Smart Lab capabilities
Cloud-based development environments
Accelerate development with as many sandboxes as you need
One-click / REST API provisioning
Easy self service provisioning of full isolated development environments
Snapshot multi-tier environments
Rapid prototyping with version controlled environments
Share blueprints across teams
Easily reproduce bugs and collaborate with QA
Usage-based pricing model
Reduce development cost
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