Test environments

Fast & thorough testing in accurate environments

By automatically creating multiple replicas of entire multi-tier application environments in self-contained capsules that include all associated networking and storage resources, Ravello enables QA engineers to conduct thorough software testing in environments identical to those in which products are actually deployed.

A problem of access

Due both to the technical difficulties surrounding automated provisioning and to insufficient budgets, QA and test engineering teams often lack access to the number of test environments they need to complete rigorous integration testing, destructive testing and availability testing.

QA professionals are therefore forced to share test environments, a practice that slows down test cycles and results in lower quality software. As a result, the process of capturing errors and sharing them with developers for reproduction becomes significantly more difficult, leading to failures to identify serious bugs hidden in new products.

Ravello solves the testing capacity problem through Smart Labs

QA and engineering teams equipped with Ravello have self-service access to spin up identical, isolated replicas of production environments in the public cloud – without requiring modification or cloud migration. By enabling QA engineers and testers to create as many isolated cloud-based test environments as necessary, Ravello overcomes the testing capacity problem.

Creation of multiple instances of entire multi-tier applications is done on an as-needed basis, a process completed in minutes with a single click or API call. All infrastructure present in actual production environments remains the same when loaded into Ravello, including VMs, networking, storage and other components.

As a dev/test team moves toward the final version of a product and integration testing takes place, automated QA cycles begin to scale and require more capacity. Ravello responds by delivering as many multi-node environments as needed using unlimited cloud capacity (Oracle Public Cloud, AWS or Google Cloud). Additionally, Ravello’s on-demand capabilities support the “bursty” and periodic nature of application testing, providing a reliable and cost-effective means of eliminating capacity bottlenecks.

Collaboration between development & QA teams

When a product is enhanced with a new feature, form of integration or level of scalability, QA teams require a replica of the production environment to ensure that testing is representative. When a bug is uncovered it needs to be shared with developers for investigation and fixes.

To address this requirement, Ravello enables test engineers to snapshot entire test environments that contain bugs and share them with development teams for resolution. Links to snapshotted environments can be attached to an issue in a bug report, allowing developers to recreate the application environment from a blueprint within Ravello and then easily access that application for troubleshooting and debugging.

Once they have completed this part of the process, the QA team simply shuts down the environment (and pays only resources used).

Test environments: Test faster with any number of automated parallel environments

QA Smart lab capabilities and benefits
QA Smart lab capabilities
Cloud-based test environments
Parallelize testing with infinite cloud capacity
Run VMware/KVM on OPC, AWS or Google
Clone datacenter production environments on public clouds without migration
One-click / REST API provisioning
Easy self-service provisioning of full isolated multi-tier test environments
Snapshot and share environments
Easily reproduce bugs and collaborate with developers
Usage-based pricing model
Reduce testing cost
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