Continuous integration

Clones of production environment for continuous integration

Ravello solves a complex infrastructure problem faced by QA organizations committed to continuous integration as a core element of their automated testing methodology.

By easily creating an unlimited number of replicas of multi-tier production environments, Ravello enables development and test teams to avoid build up of continuous integration (CI) testing queues that undermine their productivity.

Avoiding continuous integration queue build-up

Adoption of CI increases an organization’s need for accurate replicas of testing environments. In order to meet this need, enterprises require a great deal of capacity in the form of development and test infrastructure.

Lacking unlimited capacity and faced with increasing test loads, development organizations using CI servers such as Jenkins, Teamcity and Bamboo can easily run out of test environments, resulting in the build-up of job queues. Such queues occupy resources and work against the fast results that CI is meant to produce.

Since many enterprise applications are designed to run in a data center on virtualized infrastructure such as VMware rather than in a public cloud such as OPC or AWS, resorting to the public cloud is not always a workable option when applying CI testing to enterprise applications.

Additionally, enterprise applications are typically deployed across many distributed nodes. Without tools that can simulate the user’s production environment accurately, the QA engineer may not uncover many of the bugs that come with full-scale deployment of that application.

Ravello Smart Lab enables powerful continuous integration

By automatically creating and saving blueprints of application environments with full networking and virtual machine definition, Ravello delivers the benefits of CI by enabling the running a full suite of tests for every build and providing rapid feedback to developers while they are in context.

Developers using Ravello can spin up complete environments in the form of self-contained capsules in the cloud on every commit without making any changes to their application environment. A single API call will provision full-blown test environments with multiple VMs, networking and storage, spinning up the requisite test environments, executing tests and then automatically shutting them down.

When a CI server is connected to Ravello, every build can instantly spin up a test environment from a blueprint. A developer’s CI server can push the latest code to this test environment, run smoke, sanity, integration and regression tests and then shut down the environment after receiving the test results. If a test fails, the entire environment can be automatically saved as a snapshot for debugging later.

Continuous integration: Simplify CI with automated just-in-time test environments

CI Smart lab capabilities and benefits
CI Smart lab capabilities
Cloud-based test environments
Avoid Jenkins queue build up with just-in-time test environments
Encapsulate entire environments
Run integration tests on full replicas of production
Snapshot multi-tier environments
Easily test regressions by version controlling environments
REST APIs and Jenkins plug-in
Easily fits your CI process
Usage-based pricing model
Reduce CI cost
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