Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Smart Labs on leading clouds

Run cyber security labs with data-center like networking, VMware/KVM appliances, port-mirroring on leading clouds, and gain from scale, flexibility and cost economics of public cloud.
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Leading appliances run on Ravello

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Cybersecurity Smart Labs powered by nested virtualization

Ravello’s HVX nested virtualization technology implements a fully fenced L2 overlay network which enables enterprises and cybersecurity ISVs to create cybersecurity testing labs and cyber ranges with promiscuous mode, multiple networks, NICs, static IPs and more.

Ravello Cybersecurity Smart Lab Benefits

Cloud based infrastructure to run cyber security labs with data-center like networking & appliances coupled with scale, agility and cost economics of public cloud

Run VMware & KVM appliances

Deploy the same VMware & KVM network & security appliances, VMs that you run in your data-center on leading clouds cloud without migration or any changes.

Access data-center like networking & port mirroring

Run data-center like networking with clean Layer 2 access and features like port mirroring on public cloud. Keep the same IPs, subnets, VLANs etc.

Cyber Security Benefits

Build ‘enterprise-scale’ cyber security environments

Build a cyber range or security testing environment that mirrors the enterprise in scale (from tens to hundreds of nodes) and functionality – all without any hardware investments

Run security tests in isolated sandbox environments

Run your cyber security tests in Ravello’s self-contained security sandbox that can block egress traffic eliminating risk to infrastructure ‘outside’