Scalable cyber ranges for immersive threat simulation experience

Realistic representation of enterprise environments for cyber-war games

Cyber ranges rely on realism – effective representation of enterprise environments – so that simulated cyber war-games between red-team and blue-teams are as close as possible to a real attack scenario. Ravello makes it easy to recreate a live enterprise environment on public cloud by supporting the same VMware and KVM virtual appliances, machines and networking (L2 networking) as one deploys in a data-center environment. This realistic representation of infrastructure, networks and tools brings to life an immersive threat simulation for blue-teams to get trained on.

Cyber ranges built to mimic ‘enterprise–scale’

For an effective threat simulation experience, the Cyber ranges need to mimic a real enterprise in terms of scale, in addition to types of VMs/appliances and networking/storage interconnect. With unlimited capacity of Tier-1 public clouds coupled with an easy-to-use ‘drag and drop’ interface, Ravello makes it easy for Cyber range developers and providers to build a range that mirrors the enterprise environment in scale from tens to hundreds to thousands of nodes – all without any hardware investment.

Automated deployment and management of Cyber ranges

Ravello’s inbuilt tools and REST APIs enable Cyber Range providers to automate the building, deployment and running of Cyber Ranges. Whether one wants to define, create, control, monitor, instrument, score or sanitize the Cyber Range, Ravello’s rich developer toolkit, user interface and REST APIs provide an easy way to manage Cyber Ranges either through Ravello’s rich and intuitive user interface or by integrating it with other systems.

Control through isolated security sandbox capsules

Ravello’s isolated security sandbox capsules make it is possible to block any traffic from going out of the capsule – enabling a safe and controlled environment for live-fire attacks and disruptive activities that typically take place on cyber ranges. As a Cyber Range owner, one doesn’t have to worry about threat simulation activities inside the range to spill-over and have an adverse impact on the ‘world’ outside.

On-demand access without operation and maintenance costs

Leveraging the advantages of the cloud and Ravello’s cutting edge HVX technology, one can spin up the environment of their choosing, for just the amount of time that is needed, and then suspend or delete it when finished. You no longer need a dedicated staff to build, operate, and maintain custom, in-house, and often separate, development, test and training environments. Instead, cyber range providers can focus their staff and resources on what they need the most – being prepared to be effective against threats.