Isolated sandbox environments for security testing

Penetration and DDoS testing on exact replica of production enterprise environment – same VMs and networking

Ravello makes it simple to create a high fidelity copy of your enterprise application, web, network on cloud with the same VMware / KVM virtual machines, appliances, networking and storage interconnect. This enables ethical hackers and security experts to use Ravello to perform their penetration, DDoS, brute-force attack testing on exact copies of production environment to uncover the vulnerabilities in the application setups without risking the production infrastructure.

On-demand access to build ‘enterprise-scale’ penetration testing environments

Ravello runs on Tier-1 leading public clouds, and hence gives on-demand access to infinite cloud capacity. Using Ravello, enterprises and cyber security companies alike are able to build their penetration testing environments to the same scale as production infrastructure without investing in hardware resources.

Accelerated security testing using isolated copies of environment

Ravello allows one to create ‘blueprint’ snapshots of the complete infrastructure including the VMs, configuration and networking, that can be used to instantiate multiple copies of this sandbox environment. These self-contained isolated copies can used by ethical hackers to parallelize security testing, to accelerate uncovering security holes in a shorter timeframe.

Isolated security sandbox capsules

Ravello’s isolated self-contained security sandbox capsules make it possible to block any traffic from going out of the capsule – opening up doors to run extensive vulnerability scans even while running on public cloud. Running scans inside the capsule doesn’t pose any risk to other compute instances.