­­­­­­­­­­­­­VMware ESXi home labs on leading clouds

We all love VMware. Some of us so much so, that we have our very own VMware ESXi™ labs at home. However, if you are like most people with a limited budget, then your meagre hardware setup is holding you back. Everything changes with Ravello - you can now run your VMware ESXi home lab on leading clouds on-demand.

Lack of hardware is holding back VMware ESXi home labs

Say, you want to test some new ESXi/ VSAN functionality for real, with multiple hosts and you don’t have 8 or 16 servers lying around because that would break the bank and/or make your spouse very unhappy with the cluster clutter. Or say you want to play with your own ESXi/ NSX setup, and really figure out what VMware means by SDN or SDDC but don’t have the hardware. In other words, if you only had more hardware, you could be a virtualization guru and really impress your bosses at work.

Low cost ESXi labs on leading clouds

Well, now there is good news. With Ravello, you can spin up an 8 node VMware cluster on leading clouds for as little as $1.12/hour (8 servers x 2 CPU/4GB RAM). That’s less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Say you spend 20 hours per week in your dream home lab. That’s less than $25/week and you can test every VMware feature, configuration and partner product integration you ever dreamed of.

Easily share with the community and demonstrate your expertise

It’s one thing to write a theoretical, technical blog and tweet about it. It’s quite something else to build an entire working setup, snapshot (blueprint) it and share it with other VMware community members, vExperts and colleagues. They can spin up your ESXi environment on leading clouds (in their own Ravello account so that you don’t pay for it), check it out and provide feedback - taking community collaboration to a whole new level. Ravello lets you do exactly that.

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