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Run multi­node VMware ESXi™ lab environments in the cloud with hardware acceleration and complex L2 networking.
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VMware ESXi Smart Labs powered by nested virtualization

Ravello’s HVX nested virtualization technology enables the VMware ecosystem to run custom VMware ESXi labs ­ with hardware acceleration­ on leading clouds. 2 vCPU/ 4GB RAM chunks start at $0.14/hr.

VMware ESXi Smart Lab benefits

Enabling the VMware community ­ Technology partners, resellers and training partners­ to develop and test, train users and support customers faster and better using leading clouds.

High Performance

Ravello HVX implements Intel VT/ AMD­V (including NPT nested pages support) in software which enables users to run ESXi with hardware acceleration on leading clouds.

Real enterprise data center networking in the cloud

Even though cloud networking is limited, Ravello’s overlay network enables users to build complex data center L2 networking labs on leading clouds

Low cost, usage based pricing ­ worldwide

Instead of building hardware labs in their data centers, the VMware ecosystem can spin up ESXi environments starting at $0.14/hr for 2 vCPU/ 4GB RAM chunks in any geography.

ESXi Benefits

Elastic/scalable labs

Build labs ranging from 2­-3 ESXi nodes all the way up to hundreds or even thousands of nodes to model real world scenarios without depending on existing data center hardware

Snapshot/blueprint entire environments

Snapshot multi-­node ESXi clusters along with their networking and storage topology. Spin up identical, isolated environments in 5 minutes ­ without any scripting.

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