Hands on ESXi Lab: Training Environment on leading clouds

Ravello enables VMware training partners to spin up VMware ESXi™ based environments in any leading cloud region worldwide for training - and pay only for usage.

VMware ESXi environments on leading clouds for training

VMware has over 400,000 customers, partners and ecosystem members. Each of them constantly need training on new VMware and partner products, technologies and new features. Maintaining hardware labs for instructor led classroom or virtual training or self paced learning/ hands on labs is extremely expensive and difficult to maintain. Ravello enables training partners to spin up ESXi based environments in any leading cloud region worldwide for training - and pay only for usage starting at $0.14/ hr for 2 vCPU/ 4GB RAM chunks.

Instructor led training - classroom or virtual training

Typical classroom or virtual training labs are limited in scale and scope, preventing students from getting a full, rich product experience. These hardware based labs are also difficult to maintain - instructors waste hours provisioning environments for students for every new class. Automation helps, but it also takes a lot of work to maintain automation scripts for new products and versions. In addition, virtual training poses another problem for international students. If these students are spread around the world, and have to access a hosted lab environment running in the US, the user/ student experience is suboptimal.

Ravello enables VMware training partners and partner ISV training departments to spin up complete, representative ESXi training environments on-demand in any leading cloud region - North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan. Instructors prepare a blueprint once, and then spin up as many complete, multi-node ESXi environments as they need for each of the students - anywhere. There is no scripting involved. The environments are completely isolated and are capable of advanced features including L2 networking, PXE boot, multicast and are equipped with console access.

Hands on labs with self paced learning

Hands on labs attract students from all over the world. In order to fulfill demand for self paced, hands on labs, ISVs need a lot of hardware hosted geographically for the best user-experience. This is expensive and difficult to maintain. Students expect to get their labs instantly, save their work, and return to their lab at a later point. This takes a tremendous amount of automation and scripting.

With Ravello, ISV partner training departments can easily create blueprints for each ESXi lab they want to offer. Then they simply spin up ESXi environments on demand in any worldwide region depending on student location - without any automation or scripting needed. ISVs can also integrate with the Ravello REST API to save snapshots of the entire ESXi lab environment so that students can come back to them later.

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