How it works: VMware ESXi Smart Labs on AWS or Google cloud


You want to create a VMware ESXi™ lab environment that has 2 ESXi nodes, 1 VMware vCenter™ appliance and shared storage in AWS.

  1. Build a template ESXi

    Follow the instructions here to create a template ESXi using your ISO and a base/ empty ESXi VM in the Ravello library. After a few minutes, you will have an ESXi template image that you can reuse to deploy any size of a VMware vSphere™ environment.

  2. Upload your vCenter or install it from scratch

    Upload a clone of your existing vCenter VM from your environment using the Ravello upload utility - or install a vCenter VM directly in Ravello from an ova.

  3. Build your vSphere infrastructure on Ravello

    Drag and drop as many ESXi template images as you need onto the canvas along with the vCenter VM, storage node VMs and any other component of your data center infrastructure (e.g. load balancers, NSX, Active Directory, vCAC, vCOPS etc.).

  4. Publish your ESXi/vSphere environment to AWS or Google cloud

    Once you have defined your vSphere infrastructure, simply publish it to any AWS or Google cloud region. After the environment is up and running, you can save the entire deployment as a blueprint - and spin up as many copies as you need, on demand. You only pay by the hour, and can add and delete nodes to scale up as required.


Now you can turn on your VMware ESXi lab environment when you need it, shut it down when you are done and pay only for usage.

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