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Multi-node OpenStack/ KVM environments with hardware acceleration and complex L2 networking (VLANs, PXE boot etc.). Ideal for developer Sandboxes, PoCs and test environments
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Trial lets you run a 5 node OpenStack environment for 2 weeks. No credit card required.

OpenStack Smart Labs powered by nested virtualization

HVX nested hypervisor with overlay networking enables running multi-node OpenStack /KVM environments with hardware acceleration. Pay per hour - 2 vCPU/ 4GB RAM chunks start at $0.14/hr.

Ravello OpenStack Smart Lab Benefits

Enabling the OpenStack community to - develop and test, train users, and support enterprise customers - faster and better by using AWS and Google cloud.

High performance

HVX implements Intel VT and AMD-V functionality in software. This allows users to run OpenStack with KVM instead of qemu in AWS or Google leading to higher performance.

Real world scenarios

Natively, AWS and Google are limited in terms of networking. Ravello enables users to run complex networking including multicast, VLANs, PXE boot and other “bare metal” networking.

Collaboration and sharing

Snapshot entire multi-node OpenStack deployments with networking definitions. Share with internally or with the community to collaborate on best practices, issue resolution etc.

OpenStack Benefits

Any geography

Deploy OpenStack environments for testing, training or PoCs in any AWS or Google Cloud region for the best possible user-experience.

Reduce costs

Simple, usage based pricing with no up-front fees or commitment. For example, a 4-node OpenStack environment costs $0.84/hr in the US and incremental 2 vCPU/4GB chunks cost $0.14/hr.

How Customers Use Ravello

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