OpenStack Sandbox on leading clouds - for developers

OpenStack is a distributed system with many services and is demanding in terms of hardware resources. As a result, due to limited capacity on their workstations, some OpenStack developers have a difficult time creating multi-node, OpenStack deployments for development and testing. This makes it challenging to work on complex features like networking, high availability and service scalability.

No hardware resource constraints

Using Ravello, developers can spin up large, complex, multi-node OpenStack environments in leading clouds for testing. Developers simply use the environments for as long as they need and then shut them down.

High performance (KVM) with any network topology

Even though Ravello runs on leading clouds, developers can spin up OpenStack environments on Ravello with “hardware accelerated” KVM and not qemu emulation. As a result, developers experience an order of magnitude improvement in performance compared to running OpenStack on AWS or OPC with qemu. In addition, Ravello exposes a clean L2 network on leading clouds. As a result, developers can build OpenStack environments with “bare metal” features like VLANs and network/ PXE boot.

Undercloud automation

Ravello enables developers to define the undercloud (compute nodes, network interfaces, static IPs etc.) and easily create a “blueprint” of the environment for repeatable deployments. After the undercloud is up and running, developers can use any automation tool of their choice - PackStack, DevStack, Foreman etc. or even manually deploy the overcloud OpenStack components.

Collaboration with the community

Ravello makes it easy for developers to spin up complex OpenStack environments and then blueprint (snapshot) any bugs/issues discovered. These blueprints can then be shared with other members of the community for collaborative troubleshooting and debugging.

Simple, usage based pricing

A four node OpenStack Sandbox environment with each node consisting of 2 vCPUs and 4GB RAM costs $0.84/hour. Thats it. There are no upfront fees or per user charges.

Developer Sandbox: Develop OpenStack faster using a high performance cloud sandbox

OpenStack capabilities and benefits
OpenStack development Smart Lab capabilities
HVX implements Intel VT/AMD-V in software
High performance: Run KVM instead of qemu in an AWS/Google/OPC VM
Overlay network
Clean L2 network enables “bare metal” testing (ex. PXE boot, VLANs, etc.)
Snapshot entire environments
Easily clone entire deployments in one click or API call
Automate provisioning of entire upstream OpenStack environments
Usage-based pricing model
Reduce OpenStack development costs. A 4 node environment can cost as little as $0.84/hour
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