OpenStack Smart Lab for Enterprises

The OpenStack ecosystem is characterized by a steady stream of new versions, patches, upgrades and partner products. Enterprises that have deployed or are considering deploying OpenStack need a lab environment for PoCs, upgrade testing and training internal IT teams. However, this lab is expensive and time consuming to maintain.

With Ravello enterprises can run an OpenStack lab environment on leading clouds on demand for testing.

OpenStack PoC environments

Enterprises can run complex, large scale OpenStack environments on leading clouds during the PoC/ evaluation phase. These environments can be used to test different distributions - Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical and others as well as partner networking and security products from Juniper, CheckPoint, F5 and others. In addition, because Ravello exposes a clean L2 network, enterprises can do a representative PoC including modeling their specific networking topology with VLANs, routing etc.

OpenStack upgrade testing

Ravello enables enterprises to easily recreate their on-premises OpenStack deployment on leading clouds for upgrade testing. Enterprises can use their specific Linux distribution with their own patches and security hardening, OpenStack version and network topology. Once the environment has been created, enterprises can blueprint/baseline their existing environment and try upgrades, develop their infrastructure runbook, and once they have it right, upgrade their on-premises OpenStack deployment with confidence. Enterprises can take a blueprint of the deployment in Ravello, version it, shut it down and then use it again later for the next upgrade cycle.

OpenStack training environments for IT

Since OpenStack is relatively new, IT teams need environments to practice and learn OpenStack. With Ravello, IT team members can spin up OpenStack environments - practice setting them up, configuring them and upgrading them. These environments can also be used to develop and test automation and deployment scripts.

Solutions for enterprises: Try OpenStack and upgrade to new versions without hardware hassles

OpenStack capabilities and benefits
OpenStack Smart Lab capabilities
AWS/Google/OPC Cloud based OpenStack environments
Deploy any OpenStack distribution for PoCs or testing without a huge on-premises lab
Representative deployment
Replicate your own OpenStack environment (hardened Linux/KVM, networking, etc.)
Snapshot and save entire deployments
Version control your infrastructure for later use. Ideal for upgrade testing.
Share blueprints/snapshots
Share and collaborate on issues with your vendors or system integrators
Usage-based pricing model
Reduce OpenStack lab costs. A 4 node environment can cost as little as $0.84/hour
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