OpenStack Smart Lab on leading clouds - for ISVs

OpenStack is a fast paced project with a lot of upstream activity. ISVs involved in the OpenStack community need to keep abreast of the changes, constantly test upstream code and then harden it for downstream distribution. After the version is ready, ISVs need sales demo environments and partner and customer training environments. This requires a lot of expensive hardware, hosting and operations.

Ravello enables ISVs to spin up multi-node OpenStack environments on leading clouds on-demand. The environments run with KVM “hardware acceleration” and offer high performance. In addition, Ravello exposes a clean L2 network so QA teams can test complex topologies including static IPs, DHCP, DNS, VLANs and PXE boot.

OpenStack manual and automated test environments

Ravello’s self service portal enables each QA team member to spin up their own isolated environments for testing. If the QA team finds bugs or issues, they can snapshot the entire environment and send it to the developers for analysis. This saves time in reproducing the problem. Ravello also has REST APIs and CI plugins that allow for easy integration with the ISVs existing automated testing and CI systems.

OpenStack sales demo environments

In order to properly demonstrate their software to prospective customers, ISVs need to enable their sales teams with fully functional demonstration environments. In the case of OpenStack, a full system needs a lot of hardware and configuration, which can get costly and time consuming. With Ravello, enterprises create blueprints of their deployments and sales engineers spin them up as needed. This ensures full functionality and consistency of sales demos at a low price point.

OpenStack training environments

Given that OpenStack is relatively new in the industry, ISV channel partners and customers need to be trained. Training infrastructure for OpenStack if hosted internally can get expensive, and is usually never enough to satisfy demand in a timely manner. Instead, ISVs can use Ravello to run complete environments on-demand in leading clouds for OpenStack training.

Solutions for ISVs: Reduce costs of building OpenStack solutions using the cloud

OpenStack capabilities and benefits
OpenStack Smart Lab capabilities
AWS/Google/OPC based OpenStack environments
No need to build out expensive OpenStack testing labs
“Bare metal” performance
Run KVM in the cloud and get clean L2 networking features
Blueprints for automated deployments
Easily provision environments for testing and training
Self-service portal
Reduce operational dependency by enabling users to easily provision complete environments
Usage-based pricing model
Reduce OpenStack lab costs. A 4 node environment can cost as little as $0.84/hour
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