Sales enablement

Sales enablement Smart Labs on leading clouds

Create high-fidelity on-demand VMware/KVM environments with complex networking in any geography for software sales demos, PoCs and partner events
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Sales enablement Smart Labs powered by nested virtualization

HVX nested hypervisor with software defined networking enables deployment in any geography in a pay-per-use model. Use blueprints to maintain consistency across SEs and to collaborate with TMEs and customers.

Ravello Sales Enablement Smart Lab Benefits

Empowering sales teams to sell more and give customers top quality experiences. The smarter way to engage with partners and customers using the cloud.

Full-featured environments

Deploy software demo environments in cloud capsules without compromising on quality due to data center capacity constraints

Faster sales cycles

Use the cloud’s infinite capacity to always meet demo and PoC environments demand. Each sales engineer, partner and customer have environments on-demand.

Collaboration across teams

Sales engineers take snapshots of the entire environment and share blueprints with TMEs, partners and potential customers for enhanced evaluation processes.

 Sales Enablement Benefits

Isolated lab for each customer

Deploy demo labs and PoC environments in any cloud region. Enhance customer experience by granting access to local complete software environments on leading clouds.

Reduce sales costs

Pay only for usage when the environments are running. Starting at $0.14/hr.

How Customers Use Ravello