Sales enablement technology

Multiple high-fidelity copies of the environment are required for a successful and swift sales cycle: from full-featured multi-VM environments for software demos, to customizable PoC environments that can be evaluated in data center-like conditions to hundreds of software environments deployed simultaneously in user conferences and channel partner events.

Between the requirements of a complete and high-fidelity application environment for software demos and PoCs and on-demand capacity increase for user conferences and channel partner events, the technological challenges are many and hard to surmount. The solution to these challenges is the ability to run multi-VM VMware/KVM applications with complex networking unmodified on the public cloud. These are high-fidelity full-featured environments which run exactly as they are on AWS or Google cloud, using the infinite capacity of the cloud without migration or VM conversion. HVX, Ravello’s nested virtualization engine enables ISVs to do just that.

HVX: nested virtualization and software defined networking

With Ravello’s nested hypervisor, software engineers can run VMware-based complex applications on AWS or Google Cloud without requiring conversion or migration. With software defined networking Ravello provides full access to a clean layer 2 network to the application, and so the software demo applications be configured with Static IPs, DHCp, VLANs, networking appliances etc. By utilizing the public cloud, ISVs can deploy as many instances of the environment on demand and eliminate the capacity planning constraint in user conferences and channel partner events. PoC environments are accelerated since the customers’ data center infrastructure can be recreated in the public cloud for a smooth evaluation process.

Blueprinting and simultaneous access

In addition to running high fidelity full featured environments on demand in the public cloud, another benefit enabled by Ravello is automatic provisioning of these environments. With Ravello ISVs can take snapshots of the entire application environment, save blueprints of the application and spin clones of it in a cloud with an API call or one click. This capability, along with the infinite capacity of the cloud, is vital for channel partner events and user conferences since ISVs can now provision as many application environments on-demand at no operational cost. Additionally, simultaneous access capabilities allow SEs collaborate with TMEs and with customer IT teams to achieve the highest quality software demos and software evaluation conditions.