Sales demos

Sales engineers are faced with resource constraints, on both the hardware front and on the IT support front. A successful and speedy sales cycle, however, depends on an excellent customer experience. This dictates a full featured environment and geographic proximity to the customer site.

No hardware constraints: High fidelity environments on-demand

The reality is that data center resources are limited, and often times sales engineers have to compromise on a stripped down version of the application for a software demo. This all changes with Ravello. With nested virtualization and software defined networking, SEs can deploy on-demand VMware/KVM based multi-VM applications with complex networking unmodified and without migration on leading clouds. Since these are running in the cloud, the environments SEs deploy a full-featured environment and not compromise on the integrity of the environment.

Cost saving: High utilization of resources

The advantage of running software demo environments in the public cloud is also a financial one - through only deploying environments when they are utilized, the organization doesn’t need to buy as much infrastructure as before, and infrastructure does not sit idle and under-utilized. In fact, the on-demand model actually allows ISVs to own less infrastructure, increase the scale of software demos if needed, and all the while increase the utilization of resources, since environments are only spun up for the time they are used, and are shut down when they aren’t.

Collaboration with TMEs and standardization among SEs

With the ability to take snapshots and blueprints of the entire application, sales teams can standardize the software demo environment across all sales engineers. All SEs can spin up the demo application from the same blueprint, thus ensuring a standard of quality. Not only that, through blueprinting and collaboration features, SEs can share environments with TMEs and collaborate on configuring the environment with the software experts.

Geographic proximity to the customer without compromising quality

Finally, with the ability to deploy software demo environments in any cloud region, SEs can ensure that the demo goes smoothly and that quality is maintained, since the environment is deployed as close to the customer site as possible.