PoC environments

A smooth evaluation or PoC process substantially increases the odds of successful sales cycles. To ensure the quality of the software evaluation process, sales engineers aspire to provide customers with the most accurate and rich PoC environment. But there’s always the cost associated - wait time for available hardware resources on the customer side, as well as for IT support to setup on configure the environments for the PoC process. Running a Smart Lab for PoC environments in the cloud enables ISVs to overcome these challenges and reap the benefits of on-demand full-featured complex environments, of a pay-per-use model, of worldwide presence - all facilitating the best experience for the customer, shortened sales cycles with better outcomes.

Accelerated sales cycles: Unlimited on demand infrastructure eliminates the wait time

SEs can overcome the hardware constraints by running the PoC environments in the cloud using Ravello. With the ability to deploy complete environments of VMware or KVM-based multi-VM applications with complex networking on leading clouds, SEs can transfer high fidelity environments to enterprise customers without ever requiring any hardware resources in the customers’ data centers. With these capabilities, the PoC can run in a truly representative to the customer’s data center.

Better quality PoCs: Rich and customizable software evaluation environments

Running a Smart Lab for PoCs on the public cloud using Ravello allows sales engineers to effectively hand a complete PoC environment to the enterprise customer. This ensures better outcomes since the customer can assess a full-featured environment and not some stripped-down version of it, which is the case many times when the PoC environment is set up in the data center. In turn, the customer can easily customize the environment through Ravello’s web UI or REST API.

Seamless PoC processes: Collaboration and assistance through simultaneous access

Not only can SEs now turn environments that are easily customizable over to customers; through Ravello’s collaboration features, the customer can then invite the SE to share the PoC environment, granting them the option of simultaneous access. This feature facilitates much better results (and shorter cycles) since the SE can see the exact state in which the PoC is, explain, help the customer along the PoC and better understand the customer’s requirements.

Collaborative iterative version controlled environment setup: Blueprints and snapshots

Finally, combining the account sharing capabilities with Ravello’s blueprinting feature, SEs and the customer’s IT team can collaborate to create the desired PoC environment with any required set of features, while maintaining version control. Ravello enables users to take blueprints of the entire state of the application (multi-VM application along with complex networking). In this way, the SE and customer IT team can share a library that is comprised of the PoC environment in each stage of the iterative building process. This, again, facilitate powerful collaboration between the SE and the customer and an accelerated sales cycle.