User conferences and channel partner events

For sales kickoffs, channel partner events and user conferences, ISVs require many ad-hoc software environments. These are used for hands-on lab sessions, where ISVs showcase new features, unveil new products and generally build commitments and relationships that are vital for successful business operations.

Complex VMware applications on leading clouds: No capacity planning

While ISVs' goals are to get as many attendees as possible in these events, even if they are last-minute registrations, from an IT operations standpoint, those present a challenge - how can the ISV plan the capacity required for an unknown number of environments. Ravello allows these ISVs encapsulate an entire VMware-based multi-VM application with complex networking completely unmodified and run it in the cloud. This allows ISVs to spin up high-fidelity environments on-demand thus eliminating the need for capacity planning.

No shipping costs or operations: Pay per use model

Utilizing the cloud allows ISVs to move away from dealing with shipping costs and operational planning around the hardware shipped and provisioned on site. Instead - running the hands-on lab sessions on the public cloud using Ravello, substantially reduces the costs of the environments. ISVs only pay for the resources consumed and only for the duration they are being used, significantly reducing costs and avoiding idle capacity when there are no scheduled hands-on sessions.

Automated provisioning: One click or API call from blueprint

With Ravello’s blueprinting, easy-to-use UI and REST API, the ISV can overcome the challenges of provisioning more and more environments. User conferences and channel partner events usually take place at venues where the hardware for application environments isn’t as easily accessible as it is in the ISV’s data center. Instead of sending IT admins to provision the environments in these conditions, ISVs can now provision environments with one click as required.