HVX software defined networking in the cloud

Ravello has implemented a fully fenced L2 which runs as an overlay network on top of the public cloud network. Each application environment in Ravello resides in a self-contained capsule that is fully isolated from the cloud network and Ravello’s SDN automatically handles the network address translation and ensures that all IPs are remapped as required . Ravello has implemented a fully distributed virtual switch and virtual router. For each virtual network device, the virtual switch creates a virtual port for the incoming and outgoing packets from the connected virtual NIC device. The virtual port has MAC addresses learning for packet forwarding.

Due to the fenced L2 network that Ravello creates on the cloud, any kind of traffic between guests and from the internet is allowed in the Ravello network overlay, although it may not be natively supported on AWS and Google Cloud. This includes broadcast, multicast, running your own DHCP server on the cloud. For broadcast frames, the virtual port floods the packet to all other distributed virtual ports in the same broadcast domain. The transport between ports is done using either a local transport, or using P2P tunneling over UDP.

Ravello also provides a built-in distributed router, DHCP servers, DNS servers and IP filtering services. Ravello has implemented virtual NICs that supports VMXNet3 and other device types that are not natively supported on AWS. In addition, existing virtual networking appliances such as routers, layer 2 switches, tunneling devices can be run without any restrictions on public clouds using Ravello.

When a set of virtual machines is imported from an existing data center such as a VMware workload, Ravello automatically detects the existing IPs, the number of NICs per VM, the different subnets and keeps them intact. These network elements can be edited as required.

Ravello makes it easy to visualize and edit the different virtual machines and the network interconnections between them such as setting up multiple subnets, multiple NICs per VM and VLANs.

HVX nested virtualization in the cloud

Ravello Systems has built a nested hypervisor that is designed and optimized to run in the public cloud. Using binary translations, Ravello’s nested hypervisor, HVX, enables unmodified VMware and KVM virtual machines and virtual appliances to run on AWS or Google Cloud.