Enterprise networking labs

Run VMware and KVM appliances on leading clouds

Enterprises run VMware and KVM virtual appliances in their data-centers, but these appliances cannot run natively in the public cloud. This forces them to use ‘cloud version’ of these appliances (e.g. Amazon Machine Images) if available – that lack significant functionality and cannot be deployed the same way as data-center appliances. Ravello’s nested virtualization technology makes it possible to run data-center VMware or KVM virtual appliances on leading clouds “as-is” without modifications. This means one can use the same deployment, topology, version of the appliance on the cloud as they have in their data center.

Access data-center like networking on public cloud

Public clouds don’t expose access to L2 networking, and while there are virtual ethernet adapters connected to the virtual L2 network in public clouds, the frames that are actually sent and received are heavily filtered (broadcast datagrams and non-IP payloads are not allowed). As a result, the network setup in data-center cannot be replicated on public cloud without extensive modifications. Ravello overcomes this challenge by providing clean L2 access (including support for broadcast and multicast) through its networking overlay – enabling data-center like networking on public cloud. With Ravello, one can keep the same networking for application environments (same IPs, netmask, VLANs) as their data-center even when running on leading clouds.

Rich networking features

Ravello’s virtual networking lab supports advanced networking capabilities that make it easy for anyone to model, build & troubleshoot a sophisticated deployment. Ravello’s networking overlay supports many advanced capabilities such as VMware native NICs, unlimited NICs per VM, multiple IPs per NIC, VLANs, VxLANs, Virtual MACs, Gratuitous ARPs etc. that enable experts to create sophisticated deployments. Ravello even supports port-mirroring to help troubleshoot a setup or verify that topology is working per design. With an intuitive ‘drag and drop’ interface, built-in services such as DHCP, DNS, IP Filtering, it is possible to create a fully functional network topology with a couple of clicks.

Virtual networking lab built-to enterprise scale

Ravello’s platform enables one to design and build fully functional sophisticated networks to scale & detail with a couple of clicks without needing any hardware. With Ravello, enterprise network engineers/architects can test-out specific scenarios in a virtual networking lab, and once ready – roll out the design out to a production network using the same fully configured virtual appliances that they used for their design.

Automated provisioning of network labs that mimic production

With Ravello’s cloud based infrastructure, enterprises can provision complete isolated multi-tier environments with fully configured appliance topologies. Each environment looks like a high-fidelity copy of a real world deployment and runs in an isolated L2 network. These labs can be automatically provisioned and managed through integration with enterprise system through Ravello’s REST APIs.