Self-paced training

Ravello Smart Lab automation is ideal for self-paced training

The requirements of an effective self-paced training program, such as rapid provisioning of each student’s required training environment and instant retrieval of student work completed in previous sessions, call for a high level of automation. To meet these needs, ISVs are taking advantage of Ravello’s Smart Lab automation capabilities in their creation of self-paced training programs that meet the learning needs of their customers and partners.

Ravello’s automation greatly simplifies creation and management of self-paced training environments by generating multi-VM environments with complex networking on top of public clouds such as OPC or AWS with single API calls.

By allowing a training environment to be run on demand in a public cloud in any global region, Ravello enables users to access isolated training lab environments that enable them to learn at their own pace.

Blueprinting self-paced training environments

ISVs equipped with Ravello’s Smart Labs deliver complex self-paced training environments without making changes to the application.

A hands-on lab for self-paced training can be created in Ravello by saving a blueprint of an application environment with full networking and virtual machine configuration. Once a blueprint is saved, generating an unlimited number of identical copies of that blueprint on demand in various clouds and regions is a fast and straightforward process.

Whenever an ISV needs to deliver a self-paced course, hundreds of such training lab environments, comprising thousands of VMs in parallel, can be instantly spun up or torn down with no concern on the part of the ISV relative to capacity planning or set-up time.

A single API call or click can spin up that entire self-paced learning environment on demand for each student. Ravello also makes it easy to control costs by ensuring that each environment runs only for as many hours as are required.

An extensive range of self-paced training possibilities

By deploying Ravello’s extensive automation capabilities, training organizations provide customers, partners and employees with a broad array of self-paced labs.

Due to Ravello’s unique ability to provide access to a clean L2 network in the cloud, trainers can also provide in-depth self-paced materials that cover complex infrastructure issues relative to security, network appliances and advanced topologies that include firewalls, other security appliances, load balancers and network appliances.

Thus, self-paced courses that range from simple user training to configuring and troubleshooting complex network scenarios can be spun up in hundreds of multi-node virtual lab environments in parallel through the use of Ravello’s automation capabilities.

Self paced training: Give students their own lab anywhere in the world

e-Learning Smart Lab capabilities and benefits
e-Learning Smart Lab capabilities
Deploy on any AWS/Google Cloud region
Deploy student labs close to your users anywhere in the world
Snapshot & share multi-tier environments
Isolated hands-on labs, pre-configured for each section of the course
One-click / REST API provisioning
Automated just in time environments with self-service access for students
Customizable training management portal
Efficiently manage training operations for multiple courses for hundreds of students
Usage-based pricing model
Pay only for usage and automatically shut down labs that are not being used
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