Virtual training lab pricing

In the software sales cycle, and especially after releasing a new version or new product, training managers are tasked with providing training to enterprise customers and channel partners.

To understand the cost structure of running such virtual training classes in a Smart Lab on AWS or Google Cloud with Ravello, consider a VMware-based application environment that consists of 4 VMs:

  • 1 virtual network appliance (2 vCPU, 4GB RAM, 50GB storage)
  • 3 servers (2 vCPU, 4GB RAM, 100GB storage each)

Ravello’s prices are based on the aggregate resources of the application. For this training environment: 2+3*2 = 8 vCPU, 4+3*4 = 16GB RAM and 50+3*100 = 350GB storage.

The hourly compute price for the application is $0.56. The hourly volume storage cost is $0.12. There is an additional $0.12/GB/month library cost, and for this application it will be up to monthly $42 in library cost library cost.

Assume the training schedule for the month includes 4 classes of 5 days of 10 hours (one per week). Each class has 20 students, each requiring a dedicated environment. The total cost of the training session will be:

Compute Volume storage Library storage Total
$2,240 $482 $42 $2,764

It is important to note that the library storage cost is not charged per environment. It is simply a cost for Ravello to store your VMs. This library cost is shared amongst all the student training environments.

Read more about our pricing and calculate the price of your own training environment running in the cloud.