Instructor led training and classroom training

Smart Labs eliminate complex configuration tasks

Ravello eliminates much of the complexity facing instructors tasked with creating either centralized or distributed instructor-led training environments supported by complex infrastructure.

By automating provisioning of all required infrastructure, including networking and storage, Ravello frees instructors from many of the cumbersome configuration tasks required to establish live cloud-based lab environments that are based upon custom configurations.

Global training reach

Trainers equipped with Ravello enjoy global reach, using public clouds such as OPC or AWS,, on demand to create as many isolated copies of a training environment as students need, irrespective of geography. These capabilities are enjoyed without incurring cloud migration overhead, thanks to Ravello’s nested virtualization technology. Trainers utilizing Ravello pay based upon a simple, usage-based pricing model. No commitments are required.

Individual live training Smart Labs for each student

Instructors use Ravello’s simple web interface to configure the machines they require in minutes and without modifications or reconfiguration of the training applications. The simplicity and speed of this process allows students, either in a central classroom or in their local work setting, to have highly impactful individual lab environments with as complex network and infrastructure configurations as required.

Cloud-based labs are thus accessible by students at their own workstation. Each lab environment can be auto-provisioned when a student requires it and then shut down once a course is completed, eliminating excessive costs. Students and trainers can collaborate in a live lab environment.

Freedom from inaccurate capacity forecasting

By accessing a blueprint of a training configuration in Ravello, an instructor can spin up as many isolated copies of a training environment as are needed in minutes without reservation or pre-configuration of hardware capacity in a data center. Instructors are thus freed from the task of accurately predicting demand and in all likelihood overprovisioning or under-provisioning capacity. Time-consuming and often inaccurate hardware capacity planning is thus replaced by automated provisioning of entire environments on-demand with a single click or API call.

Easy, centralized training resource management

Instructors manage all classroom virtual machine images, configuration and application blueprints, student and trainer access, usage, and security policies centrally. Ravello’s ease of management thus provides a hands-on learning experience with “learn from anywhere” flexibility for both students and trainers.

Train more partners and end users, faster

Training Smart lab capabilities and benefits
Training Smart lab capabilities
Cloud-based training environments
No need to ship hardware anywhere or be limited by hardware in your classroom.
Encapsulate entire environments
Your existing VMware/KVM based training environments run unmodified in the cloud
Snapshot & share multi-tier environments
Pre-configured, isolated, hands on labs for each student
One-click / REST API provisioning
Easy self service provisioning for each student
Usage-based pricing model
Increase training revenues with flexibility to expand classroom for more students
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