Virtual Training

Virtual Training Smart Labs on leading clouds

Create multiple isolated copies of your VMware/KVM environments with complex networking using self-contained cloud capsules
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Trial lets you run a 5 VM environment for 2 weeks. No credit card required.

Training Smart Labs powered by nested virtualization

HVX nested hypervisor with overlay networking creates self-contained capsules and enables automated provisioning using blueprints. Pay per hour, starting at $0.14/hr.

Ravello Training Smart Lab Benefits

Empowering instructors to train more students without compromising on quality. The smarter way to train using the cloud.

Migration-free cloud labs

Run VMware/KVM based training environments on the public cloud without VM conversion or networking changes.

Enhance student experience

Facilitate e-learning with self-service access for students to labs anywhere in the world.

Train more students faster

Expand classes during peak demand using infinite cloud capacity.

Training Benefits

Collaborate with students

Snapshot and share multi-tier environments with students. Collaborate using simultaneous access to lab environments

Reduce training cost

Pay per hour, starting at $0.14/hr.

How Customers Use Ravello

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