The Ravello management service

Ravello’s management service is built from multiple components, as shown in the figure below. The main two components are HVX, Ravello’s unique infrastructure layer that virtualizes cloud compute, networking and storage, and the Ravello management service which is described below.

Ravello management service overview

Ravello’s management system is a highly available enterprise-grade system, which is deployed in the public cloud. It uses industry best practices in order to isolate different tenants, and eliminate any risk of data leak or data corruption.

Ravello Management Technology

The management system was developed with scalability, high availability and security as key architectural guidelines, while focusing on clear and simple UX of its rich RESTful API and web based UI.

In order to do so, it uses state-of-the-art technologies such as a mix of relational and non-relational databases, a distributed in-memory data grid and persistent queues for asynchronous processing, while employing cloud deployment best-practices for scale and availability.

All communication channels between the management system and the HVXs, as well as between the end-user and the management system (either using the web based UI or Ravello’s RESTful API) are authenticated and encrypted using standard SSL based mechanisms.

The Ravello management system is responsible for all aspects of defining, running and controlling an application running on HVX, such as the ones described in the diagram below.

Ravello Management Technology

All of this functionality is accessible using a web based UI, a rich RESTful API, as well as various SDKs (Python SDK, Ruby SDK) and plugins for different ecosystem components (Jenkins plugin, Maven plugin).

Ravello Image service

Another key additional component is the Ravello image service. This service is used to securely store and access all images and snapshots which are being used in the different VMs running in the Ravello service. Data writes to the image store are performed by a specialized utility which allows secure uploading of images, as well as by the HVX directly when writing snapshots. This lightweight and cross-platform utility also supports the extraction of VMs directly from leading on-premises virtualization systems such as VMWare® vCenter™, and their streaming-upload to Ravello, while parsing the images for various metadata information. Images of different tenants are isolated in the image store, and cannot be accessed in any way by the non-owning tenants.

Updates and new releases

As avid believers of agile software development and delivery, new releases of all the different technology components of Ravello are introduced constantly, benefiting Ravello’s customers with new features, enhancements and bug-fixes. See here for more details.